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Custom Printing and Engraving on LEGO™ Parts

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Badge (def): At least two bricks and a magnet. Information included on a badge may include name, place of residence, name of organization, and name of convention, conference or event.
List of LEGO(tm) Conventions which I have done badges for:
  1. BricksWest 2002
  2. BrickFest
  3. BrickFair (please note I did not engrave the badges for Brickfair 2008)
  4. BrickMagic
  5. BrickWorld
  6. BrickCon
  7. Bricks by the Bay
  8. Brickvention
  9. BrickExpo (Canberra, Australia)

         10.Hispalug Spain


 Catalog # BEbadge1


2-Brick Badge


3-Brick Badge$8
4-Brick Badge$10
5-Brick Badge$12


- Pricing includes Standard Colors ONLY. Check for availablity by email.


- If you are having a convention or a LUG (LEGO™ Users Group) or FLL (First Lego League) Team then Contact Us for special pricing!






Tommy at Brickworld 2008 along with all the badges we engraved.


Examples of badges we've made for various FLL teams, LUGs and Train Clubs


Radioactive Ferrets FLL Badges. The team member and team name are engraved on 1x8 yellow bricks. The school logo is printed over 4 white 1x4 tiles.



3-brick badges for the FLL Team Belmont Blizzards


BrickCon 2009 Badge. Everything except the picture of the 3 LEGO™ 1x1 bricks was engraved. The graphic was printed on a 1x2 white brick. Thanks to Sean Forbes for letting us use this photo!


Printed and Engraved badge that we did for an AFOL convention in Canberra, Australia.


 2-Brick Badges that we did for AbbyLUG.


Our BrickFair 2010 badge :)



 Badge that we did for the LUG in Connecticut. The LUG logo is printed over 2 white 1x8 bricks.



An engraved badge that we did for the event Youth Engaged in Science. A great example of how we can engrave in all different sorts of fonts and how you don't need to be an AFOL to sport an engraved LEGO™ badge :)


Brickworld 2011 Badge engraved on gold-plated bricks for Tyler Clites and Nannan Zhang...very cool.



Badge that we did for Jamie Spears for Brickworld 2011. We engraved the MichLUG logo on the left-hand side.



IndyLUG badge for Jeff Brown. 





Badges that we did for Namaste Entertainment, a gaming comany for the Gen Con in 2011.



Badge for Andi to commemorate her 1st BrickCon! Kudos to Andi for flying all the way from Germany!


Un-Official Badge for Brickworld-Frot Wayne 2011


Badges that we did for Our Lady's LEGO Club.


Some fun badges over the years that have been "blinged" up :)




Andrew Bulthaupt BrickFair VA 2013 Badge




Jameson Gagnepain's badge for Brickworld-FortWayne. Thanks to Jameson for letting us use the pic! 


Scott Wilson's BrickFair VA 2011 badge. Thanks Scott for letting us use this pic!