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Business Bricks and Mini-Figs
Are you tired of the same old calling card? Do you want something that will help you stand out to your employers and customers? have come to the right place! With our customized Business Bricks and Business Figs we can relay your name, company, and contact information in a fun and accessible format. Now we can also print and engrave official company logos on our Fig-Tees(tm) and stock of clone bricks!
For information on pricing please contact at or through our Contact Us page!
Business Bricks

Stackable...tradeable...and overall unique...the Business Brick is a great alternative to the traditonal business card. We can print/engrave in different colors all your pertinent contact information including name, title, email, and phone number. Now that we have a supplier for clone bricks we can even print or engrave company logos onto the bricks! We can also fit our custom Fig-Tee™ onto LEGO™ bricks and print the company logo onto the Fig-Tee™, making for a fun and unique business card.



 Above is an example of a business brick that we did for David Bryant of Google incorporating the Google logo on the Fig-Tee™. 


Printed Business Bricks that we did for Karyn Traphagen of Mini-Bricks Madness. Taken with her phone.

Business Figs

What could be more fun than a mini-fig that also serves as a business card? We can now get all your pertinent information onto the torso and with our Fig-Tee™ add a company logo as well!




Above is an example of Business-Figs that we did recently for a Professor in Switzerland who teaches a class on LEGO™ at the Business School at IMD.