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Custom Printing and Engraving on LEGO™ Parts

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Engraved LEGO(tm) Badges that we did for Namaste Entertainment employees who attended Gen Con 2011.


Badge that we did for beqom for a conference that they attended. Also included in the photo are 2x4 red keychains that they used as giveaways. This is not an official corporate logo.


Bricks and Keychains

Do you want something to make your business stand out? Specialized engraved or printed bricks make great giveaways! Or do you need something to help motivate your co-workers or employees? Our engraved and printed bricks have been used to promote company unity to just plain having fun : )
Engraved Front and Back of a stand completely made out of LEGOs for the members of the Benefitfocus Project SDLC. It served as a reminder of the core ideals of the project and the company.



    It was also a way to have fun and be creative! :)
Bricks that Namaste Entertainment gave away at Gen Con Indy 2011 and Pax Prime 2011. 

Above are keychains that we engraved to promote Nathan Sawaya's traveling art show "The Art of the Brick." For more on Nathan Sawaya and his incredible art please visit his website at


Keychains that we did for the 2011 incoming class of the Johns Hopkins Engineering program as a give-away.

Mini-Figs and Fig-Tees

Below is an order that we did FOR Facebook Legal as a way to promote reporting potentially bad activity to the legal arm of Facebook.
Printed Fig-Tee and Engraved Stand that we made for employees at Pepperweed Consulting.
Above are pictured of printed Fig-Tees on mini-figs that we did for an eBAY software developers conference.
Printed BrickHost Fig-Tee
Below are pictures of Engraved Mini-Figs that we did for the dojo conference as give-aways for attendees.
Everything Else!

Below are photos from the centerpiece boxes that we made for a YPO New England dinner. We made panels out of stacked white brick and printed the YPO New England logo over it. The cool thing about the panels is that they pulled out to reveal the free iTouch for attendees of the dinner! Very neat idea that I think turned out well and definitely made a splash!