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The Original BrickEngraver / BrickPrinter

Custom Printing and Engraving on LEGO™ Parts

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LEGO™ and Businesses 
Custom printed or engraved LEGO mini-fig, bricks, tiles, or keychains are a great way to make an unique and lasting impression in the corporate arena.

   Business Bricks and Figs
- way to really make an impression on a potential employer or customer
- can fit all of neccessary information
- w/ fig-tee can print official company logo

   Promotions and Give-Aways
- roll out of a new product
 - conventions
- clone bricks and fig-tee can print official company logo
  Employee Booster

Great way to boost employer confidence...a way to show appreciation...or drive home the core ideas of the company.
- badges for conventions
- honor years of service
- congratulations on accomplishing a big project
- part of employee/company retreat
- clone brick and fig-tee: can print official company logo