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This is the first little project I created.  Along with Joe Meno, editor of BrickJournal, we decided to print the covers of his first four printed editions directly onto 2x2 tiles with the header on a 1x2 tile. Both tiles were then put on a 1x3 plate. I think you can see the quality of detail that can be achieved. For a full size picture Click Here or the image. I was very happy with the level of detail that could be accomplished--something that really could never have been done before. The 1x4 brick is my Business-Brick™ and illustrates that now one can get just about all your contact info on a single little brick. The Minifigs were made to give out at BrickCon 2008. On the front was the 30th birthday celbration of the minifigure and on the back the logo of BrickCon 2008. And no, they are not for sale as I got special permission from TLG (The LEGO Group) to do that project just for BrickCon.
Adam Tucker--one of the founders of Brickworld and truly one of the master architectural LEGO builders needed a sign done for his new model of the Westin Hotel that he was commissioned to do. Adam is owner of Brickstuctures and along with The LEGO Group has unveiled a completely new line of kits under the product line name of LEGO™ Architecture.
 The Westin sign on the side was printed with their logo over 10 2x2 white tiles (2 high by 5 long) and the one on the front over 6 2x2 white tiles (2 high by 3 long). They came out well, I think. A much classier alternative to stickers or decals.The beauty of the this process is that the joints also get ink so there are essentially no joint lines except for the actual gap. What is exciting about this is the fact that one can now print continuous photographs over multiple tiles or bricks.