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The Original BrickEngraver / BrickPrinter

Custom Printing and Engraving on LEGO™ Parts

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We can engrave and print onto LEGO™ bricks! We offer a variety of color bricks and colored text options for engraving. The bricks are polished to a mirror finish, last forever, and are the perfect addition to you MOC (My Own Creation) or company's promotion!  Please note that we can only print onto white bricks, but with printing we can do more complicated multi-color designs as opposed to the simple text and designs with engraving. Printed bricks are coated in order to prevent abrasive wear. All size bricks can be engraved or printed onto!
Please use this link for the order for engraved bricks: It is an Word Doument where you can enter in all the needed information. After downloading it and filling it out, please email this to us at


Bricks In Stock

1.) Standard Color Bricks in Stock
  • Black 
  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Light Bluish-Grey
  • Dark Bluish-Grey
  • Tan
  • Orange (2x4 ONLY)
  • Brown

2.) Non-Standard Colors in Stock

  • Dark Red
  • Metallic Silver
  • Pearlescent Silver
  • Metallic Gold
  • Sand Green
  • Old Gray
  • 1x6 and 2x4 Maersk Blue
  • 2x4 Magenta
  • 2x4 Light Blue
  • 2x4 Light Pink
  • 2x4 Purple
  • 2x4 Bright Light Orange
  • Medium Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Clear


Please note that this is only a selection of our total inventory. Please inquire about quantity and size for these different colors.


If you wish to provide your own bricks that is also acceptable.






(1 side of text) 


(2 sides of text)

1-50$3 $3.60
50-100 $2.85$3.25
100-200 $2.75$3.00
>200Contact UsContact Us


Please note that these prices are based on Standard Color Bricks ONLY. If you intend to buy in a larger quanity please inquire for a discount. In addition if you are a FLL Team, LUG or LTC member please also inquire for a discount!


Pricing includes all sizes of bricks. Please note that rarer or non-standard colored bricks may cost extra because the bricks themselves are more expensive.

Engraved Bricks:


Engraved and Printed Bricks are great for the LEGO fan in your family! They can be a wonderful custom addition to your MOC (My Own Creation) or kits! You can now even sign your work! They also work great as gifts for birthdays or any special day. They also work great as giveaways at conventions and other events.


Below are a few pictures of bricks we have done in the past. 



For more photos please visit our flickr page at:



Matthew Chile's Christmas Train Set




Southern Pacific Rail




Some of the Nathan Sawaya signature bricks that he uses to sign his work. For more information on Nathan Sawaya's work please visit his website:


 Bricks that we did for BZPower for BrickFair VA 2011.


Best Valentine's Day Present EVER! We engraved the 2x6 red brick w/ Mom. :)


Engraved Bricks for Lucas Swank


Engraved Brick for Lino Martins


Engraved Bricks for Brandon Griffith of LUGOLA.


Engraved Bricks for the blog: The Brothers Brick


Engraved on 1x8 Light Bley bricks in black text for Ley Ward for NW BrickCon 2011.


Engraved 1x8 Sand Green Bricks for Iain Heath for NW BrickCon 2011.


1x6 white bricks with brown text for Brad Srebnick.


1x8 Dark Bley Brick with White text (Curlz Font) for the French AFOL Con Festi'Briques.


Engraved on Black Bricks in Old English Font.


Lizardmen bricks engraved on 1x8 dark red bricks with light gray infill.


Engraved Bricks that we did for a high school graduation. Congrats Adam!



Check out the French LEGO Convention Fana'Briques at


Check out more info on the Canadian LEGO Event Brickspo at


Engraved Bricks that we did as part of a gift to Jim Foulds.


French LEGO Event. Check it out here.


I do too. :)









Peace Love California


 Peace Love Illinois


Engraved Brick sign that was used as part of a MOC.


Engraved Bricks for Sheldon!

Engraved Bricks for Sheldon


1x8 Trans-Clear Bricks engraved in gold text





Printed Bricks:


We can now print pictures and more onto white LEGO™ bricks! These can be great promotional items for your company or event. Or they can be great Christmas and Birthday presents :)  We can now print onto color as well!


For more photos of our printed bricks please visit our flickr page at:



 Printed Birthday Invitation




Printed Bricks that we did for Nathan Sawaya for the debut of the Pirates of the Carrribbean LEGO(tm) Game at LEGOLand CA.


Printed LEGO Ambassador  bricks for Chris Malloy



Bricks printed for BrickFair VA 2011.


Cover of "LEGO: A Love Story" by Jonathan Bender printed over 3 1x3 white bricks.




PythonScape printed bricks for Iain Heath.






Above are various printed bricks for HispaLUG


Printed 1x4 white bricks that we did as part of the BrickMagic 2012 badge.