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The Original BrickEngraver / BrickPrinter

Custom Printing and Engraving on LEGO™ Parts

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 FAQ: Printing
  • What exactly can you print on?
  • Does the ink rub off the parts with play?
  • Why is there a setup charge?
  • Do you print decal designs?


Q: What exactly can you print on ?
A: I can print in full color onto any flat or slightly curved plastic part. We can print on white or color parts with my new UV printer.

Q: Does the ink rub off the parts with play?

A: Not at all! The only way I have found to get the UV ink off is with hard scrubbing with sandpaper. Needless to say it is very durable with normal play. :)

 Q: Why is there a setup charge?

A: Because it takes time. For large quantities many times setup charge is waived. Also the set-up charge is a one-time fee so if you wanted something printed on a file that has already been set up at a later date then the set-up fee is waived. The standard set-up charge for printed parts is $20 per image.


Q: Is there a minimum run?

A: For complicated logos there is a minimum run of 25. For simple text there is no minimum run.


Q: Do you print decal designs?

A: No, at this time we are not printing decal designs. This includes clone troopers, military designs, t-shirts, vests, etc. I suggest you check out our good friend Jarad Burke over at for all your custom decal needs.