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Custom Printing and Engraving on LEGO™ Parts

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Mineral Thumbnail Boxes:
A new approach to the ubiquitous Thumbnail Box AKA Perky Box
I have never liked the styrofoam used in these little boxes but they have become the defacto box for a thumbnail. In fact the definition of a thumbnail is if it will fit in one of these 1x1x1 plastic boxes.
So in my quest for improvement I have relied on my old friend LEGO™. That combined with my new printer that will print directly onto LEGO™ parts, and  I think I have come up with an alternative --or rather an upgrade to paper labels that obscure the back and the yucky styrofoam. Makes for a classy little Perky box, in my opinion.

Can have multiple configurations --this one has a small lazy susan tile in the center that is elevated 1/8" . Stay tuned to more configs and examples.  What makes these cool is that they can simple be taken out of the box and used for a case display stand. The picture is bit over exposed hence not completely black.