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Do you need trophies for your convention, LUG event, or FLL competition? Then you have come to the right place! If you already have a trophy made and you just need the bricks or tiles to be engraved then we can help you out! All our trophies include a personalized mini-fig! If there is a trophy not pictured that you would like us to do please email us and let us know how we can help! Please Contact Us for further pricing.
Please see the below Word Document for a full list of trophy options and pricing.
For the FLL Discount please look a the trophy list below:
FLL Trophies Order Forms: '
-$10 Trophy Order Form:
- $16 Trophy Order Form:
- Step Trophy Order Form:
- $25 Columns Trophy Order Form:
- $27.50 Columns Trophies Order Form:
- Medium Trophies Order Form:
- Large Trophies Order Form:

Photo Gallery :

 For more photos please visit our Trophies Photo Gallery on our flickr page:


This trophy design was conceived by the great people who run Brickworld, an AFOL convention based out of Chicago. We provided the engraved red 1x8 tiles to the right of the picture.


Here are some trophies that we made for the Ann Arbor District Library's LEGO Contest. The logo was printed onto a white panel and the text was engraved onto 1x6 white bricks. The logo was also printed onto the mini-fig. The aadl logo was printed onto 2x2 white tiles and placed at the corners of the trophies.


Here is the back and front of two different trophies that we did for Wichita State Shocker Mindstorms. The logo and text were engraved over bricks. The non-LEGO™ looking bricks are our wood-stitches™ which are essentially wood veneer placed on LEGO™ bricks and a Tommy Armstrong original!



 Above is the front and back of a trophy that we did for the Wichita State University 2010 Shocker Mindstorms challenge. The text and images were printed onto white panels and the WSU logo was printed onto 2x2 yellow tiles placed around the trophy. The mini-fig is not pictured.







Above is the front and back of a trophy that we did for Cyberkids Robotics. The text and images were printed onto white panels. The mini-fig is not pictured.




Above is a trophy designed and built by Jonathan Jacobs, based off of Wayne Hussey's BrickCon trophy for a local RoboFest Team. We engraved the bricks and the min-figs. Thanks so much to Jonathan for letting us use this photo!



 Above are a set of trophies that we made for a LEGO(tm) contest at the Wisconsin CHEA (Christian Home Educator's Association) annual conference. For more info please visit their website at (