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Weddings/ Anniversaries:
Do you want to incorporate LEGO™ into your wedding or wish you had and want to incorporate into your anniversary? ! We have done cake toppers, wedding favors, placecards and gifts for wedding party. Let us help make your special day fun and memorable for you and your guests! Want to commemorate your anniversary? Our cake topper is not just a cake topper but also a special gift on its own.
For more photos please visit our flickr page at


Wedding Cake Toppers

Want to make your cake LEGO™ and delicious? Or just want a gift for that special someone? Our cake toppers are the way to go :) They include a mini-fig bride and groom engraved with their individual names plus a stand with the names of both the bride and groom and the wedding date. Price is $25.

The wedding colors were white and teal. LEGO doesn't really make teal bricks so we did teal text and offset the white bricks with clear bricks.    



The wedding colors were red, white, and blue (very patriotic! :)).




The wedding colors were sage green, dark brown, and lilac and we were able to incorporate the sage green and dark brown into the wedding cake topper.



 Red...the color of love :) 



Wedding Cake Topper for Helen and David; given as a gift from their friend Rachel. Their wedding colors are brown (hence the large amount of brown!).


This one we did as an anniversary gift. :)


Wedding Favors / Reception Placecards / Wedding Party Gifts

A great fun and memorable wedding favor are either engraved LEGO™ bricks or an engraved LEGO™ keychain. These usually have the name of the bride and groom on one side and the date on the other. We have a variety of brick color and text color options available. If they are 2-sided then they are normally around $4 a piece. If you are ordering in large quantites (75 or more) please inquire for a discount at
These are magnets that we made for Ryan George for his wedding as featured on Four Weddings!
Engraved 1x8 white bricks that we engraved with the name of each guest at the reception. These were also magnets so they doubled as placards and a great gift!


These are bricks that we did for a wedding on 2x4 dark purple bricks.


 We can also engrave hearts of various types and sizes!


 These are 1x2x3 white duplos in purple text which were used as placeholders for the reception (the person's name was engraved on the other side).



Below are pictures of keychains that we did for a wedding party:


 The top of the keychain was engraved with 2 1x6 blue tiles in silver text with the person's name and their "position."


 One side had the date.


 And the other side had the couple's name.



Below are some wedding favors for the Flower Girl.


 We did her name on one side of these special Duplos.


 And the other side had the couple's name and the wedding date.


These adorable figs were done as gifts for the ringbearers!


 Engraved Keyring that was used as gifts for the wedding party


Magnet given as a gift to wedding attendees.


Engraved 2x4 white brick that was used as a placecard/reception gift at the wedding of Todd and Doug.


Brick Stand that was placed at the bride and groom's place setting at the reception.







Above are personalized bricks and mini-figs that we did as gifts given out at the reception.




LEGO(tm) Wedding Portrait

Do you want to commemorate your special day with a special LEGO™wedding portrait? With our new high-powered printer now you can! We can print pictures straight onto 2x2 white tiles and then place it in a LEGO™ frame. Please email at for pricing.
Pictures to come soon!